Race Appraisal Services- Residential Real Estate Appraisers- MA, CT and RI & Machinery & Equipment Appraisers. 

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As certified appraisers, we possess the training and qualifications to provide the level of dependable property value opinions that banks and major lending institutions require for home loans.  And with years of experience behind us, we're prepared to accept assignments pertaining to anything from starter homes to the most luxurious new construction.

Appraisals aren't just for underwriting loans - we're also on call for:
 Contact Race Appraisal Services, LLC for your Hampden appraisal needs.

• Choosing an appropriate listing price for your home

• Lowering your mortgage payment by removing PMI

• Valuations for bankruptcy, divorce and other court purposes

• Unfreezing a locked HELOC
(Home Equity Line of Credit)

• Tax Challenges (reducing real estate taxes)

• Determining current or past market value

Despite the fact that appraising continues to increase in complexity, we're able to keep our prices affordable yet always meet or surpass our clients' expectations by employing technology. Of course, it's been our experience that in practically any industry, service is the primary reason a client comes, goes, repeats or refers others. We keep this in mind whether we're on the phone, in e-mail or talking in person. Our goal is simply the best possible experience for our customers. Call us. We guarantee you'll see the difference, too.
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